Czech Wedding Customs

Czech wedding traditions are undoubtedly a delight for everyone, whether you’re planning your ideal bridal or are just interested in incorporating a few unique traditions into your special day. We spoke with two of the area’s top bride managers to get the scoop on a few of their favourite Czech bride customs that are certain to render your large moment memorable and enjoyable.

A czech wedding usually takes a shower with lentils or chickpeas preferably of rice as a form of fuss czech ladies for marriage when she walks down the aisle. This custom is intended to guarantee the new couple’s reproduction. The man is frequently given a check before the service, during which he must pick between a bottle and an axe. When he chooses the drink, it represents indolence and apathy, but when he chooses the axe, it indicates that he will be hardworking and reliable as a father.

After the wedding, the brides are thrown rice at them in a habit from Czech culture. The wedding may also place her flowers over her left head in a group of unmarried females, where it will be tied to the next couple to get married.

The groom’s friends kidnap the bride and conceal her there is one of the more absurd Czech bridal customs. The bridegroom will then have to locate her within a particular time frame, or he’ll had to foot the bill for the” transgressions of his youth” he’s owed to his companions. It’s common for the bride and groom to reveal dish together during the bride reception to show their partnership.

Czech Wedding Customs

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