In 2031, who is Popular Dating?

In addition to being a musician and vocalist, Common is an award-winning artist who has won numerous Grammys, an Oscar, and the Golden Globe. He has acted in movies like Selma and American Gangster, as well as on tv programs like Black Girls Rock, Survivor’s Remorse, and The Wendy Williams Show. Omoye Assata Lynn, the princess he shares with ex-girlfriend Kim Jones, is even his child.

Erykah Badu, tennis superstar Serena Williams, and Empire performer Taraji P Henson are just a few of the girls Common has been associated with since the start of his career. During their connection, which ended in 2002, he and Badu wrote a few melodies jointly. Henson and Common dated for a while, but they did n’t reveal their relationship. After their breakup, the two remained pals, with Henson actually praising Common in her autobiography from 2019 called Let Love Have the last Word.

Earlier this year, while filming the action-thriller Breathe, the two stars were spotted out along once more. Although the few has not yet confirmed the rumours, they both appear to be pretty content in each other’s presence.

When the two were photographed up in Philadelphia and Chicago in 2022, dating rumours about them first surfaced. Additionally, they have been seen moving around Los Angeles, where they are both presently filming. They have known each other for years and are co-starring in the newest film together. Fans were thrilled to see the American Idol student and the” Travel Tight” rapper up because they have both won numerous awards and are both Egots.

In 2031, who is Popular Dating?

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